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The School of Foreign Languages held the May psychological work meeting and psychological case seminar
2024-05-29 21:59  

In order to promote the mental health education work of our hospital in various aspects, improve the professional quality and work ability of the psychological committee members, and enhance the mental health awareness of students, the School of Foreign Languages held a meeting on May 27401The May psychological work meeting and psychological case seminar were held。Teacher Zhang Shiya, counselor of the School of Foreign Languages, Health Department of the Student Union of the school, and members of the psychology of each class attended this meeting。

First of all, the psychological committee members of Japanese Class 231, English class 231 and experimental Class 231 shared the cases respectively。Cui Wenjie, the psychological commissaries of Japanese Class 231, focused on analyzing the common psychological problems of college students, such as study pressure, interpersonal relations and self-cognition, and explained how to solve the above problems from the aspects of dormitory leaders and psychological commissaries。Then, Cui Han, member of the psychology committee of Class 231, shared the students' troubles about entering college through vivid cases, and stressed that such problems should be effectively adjusted from many aspects and gave good suggestions。Finally, Feng Yaning, commissarian of psychology in Class 231, focused on academic pressure and interpersonal relationships.It emphasizes the important role of psychological commissars in students' psychological support, encourages them to take the initiative to pay attention to students' academic status, timely care and help, and actively provide effective communication and problem-solving skills。

By convening thisPsychological work meeting and psychological case seminarIt gives the college a deeper understanding of the real situation of students in terms of academic stress and interpersonal relationships。The cases and experiences shared by the psychology committee members provide valuable first-hand information for the college, so that the college can more accurately grasp the psychological state of students, timely detect and solve potential psychological problems, and lay a solid foundation for promoting the college's mental health education work and improving the level of students' mental health。

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