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The issuance of the "Helpline Resource Card" was successfully completed
2023-10-10 16:33  

In order to help students in psychological crisis get help resources at the first time, the Psychological Center has printed a "Help Hotline resource card". The members of the Tokyo Electric Heart Talk Group have posted this card in every student dormitory in the school. So far, the active cooperation of our students in all schools has successfully completed this work。

Due to the rapid development of body and mind, college students in the physical development of adolescence, usually lack of appropriate frustration experience, in the face of heavy learning tasks, interpersonal relationships, difficult choice of employment and education pressure, college students may face various psychological crises。Psychological crisis refers to the situation in which individuals or groups face serious emergencies or major impact events, the internal balance of psychology is broken, the existing resources and usual coping mechanisms are unable to deal with it, and the situation is painful or dysfunctional。      

This "Helpline Resource card" includes the 24-hour crisis intervention hotline of our counseling center, as well as a number of out-of-school psychological crisis assistance hotline resources that we have selected for you。These hotlines are manned by experienced counselors who can provide effective advice and support to students。We should encourage every student,When you find or feel that it is still difficult to cope with the stress on your own, with the help of friends or organizations,Be sure to call the help line on this resource card,The counselors will listen to your story,Gives you strength and courage,By providing you with professional support and assistance,Help everyone out,Resume normal study and life。

We believe that everyone's mental health is closely linked to personal well-being and should be actively cared for and supported。A "help line resource card" is not heavy, but its significance is very significant。同学们能时刻感受到咨询中心对大家心理健康的重视和关注,并能见证到咨询中心和学校一起守护同学们的决心和行动!  让我们一同努力,为大家创造一个充满积极能量和人文关怀的校园环境!

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