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Notice on the summary of the work of 2023 Psychological Committee members and the selection of outstanding psychological committee members of the school
2023-09-07 10:35  

Secondary psychological workstations of each school (hereinafter referred to as workstations) :

To further promote the development of peer power in mental health work,Standardize the management of psychological committee members,Promote the personal growth of psychological members,Each workstation is requested to organize the psychology committee of the school to make a summary of the work in 2023,In-depth understanding of the work of each psychological committee member,Summarize the experience and practice that can be extended,And on this basis, recommend outstanding performance to participate in the 2023 school excellent psychology committee selection,Specific arrangements are as follows:

1. Each workstation organizes the psychology committee of the college to summarize the work

1.Psychological committee member personal work summary content

(1) Learning and growth in mental knowledge and skills。

(2) Publicity and organization of mental health activities in schools and colleges。

(3) Identification and reporting of psychological fluctuations and psychological crises。

(4) Building relationships with classmates and peer counseling。

(5) Characteristic activities and work designed and carried out independently。

2.Psychological committee member personal work summary requirements

(1) The summary of the work should be clear, concise and focused。

(2) The summary of the work should be realistic, the material is sufficient, and the corresponding photos and screenshots are supported。

3.The college held a summing-up meeting of the psychology committee

(1) Before September 20, each school will complete the summary meeting of the work of the psychology committee, and all the summaries of the work of the psychology committee will be archived in the workstation。

(2) The summary meeting should be rigorous and pragmatic, focusing on summarizing the experience that can be promoted and finding excellent examples。

Second, 2023 annual school excellent psychological committee candidate recommendation

1.Recommended scope: Level 2020, level 2021, level 2022 psychological committee

2.Recommendation deadline

(1) Send the recommended materials to Student Activity Center 320 before September 21。

(2) Materials include: "2023 School Excellent Psychology Committee Candidate Recommendation Form" with school office seal and paper personal work summary (see Attachment 1 for the recommendation form)。

3.Each school recommends places


Recommended quota

School of Electrical Engineering


School of Energy and Power Engineering


School of automation Engineering


School of Chemical Engineering


School of Economics and Management


School of Architectural Engineering


School of Computer science


School of Mechanical Engineering


College of science


School of Foreign Languages


School of Art


Power transmission and transformation Technology Institute


Institute of Marxism


Physical education institute


4.Recommendation requirement


(2) Serve as a member of the psychological committee for at least one year, have received systematic training of the psychological committee, and have passed the grades。

(3) Study hard and get good grades。

(4) Conscientiously perform job duties, perform well in understanding classmates' situation, promoting mental health knowledge, and organizing mental health activities。

(5) Caring for the community, enthusiastic service, providing peer support for students in need, physical and mental health。Third, 2023 school outstanding psychological committee selection

1.Selection time: September 26, the specific time of the day to arrange follow-up notice。

2.Selection method

(1) Participants should complete the work summary speech on site, each person should be limited to 3 minutes, the speech should be equipped with PPT, the content should fully show the work of the psychological committee, pictures, tables, screenshots and other supporting materials are complete。

(2) After watching all the speeches, the judges will complete the voting with the paper recommendation materials。

3.Composition of judges: Teachers of psychological counseling center, counselors of various colleges and student representatives。

4.Scoring rule

The final score of the participating psychology members includes three parts: basic score, extra points, and on-site assessment score, including:

The full score of the basic score is 20 points, which will be evaluated by the psychological counseling center before the on-site assessment according to the performance of the psychological committee members in the course and lecture。

The full score of the extra points is 20 points, which will be evaluated by the psychological counseling center before the on-site assessment according to the psychological committee members' achievements in the organization of mental health activities, innovation and related awards。

The full score of the on-site evaluation is 60 points, which is calculated by multiplying the final turnout rate of the on-site judges by 60 points according to the on-site performance。

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                                                           September 7, 2023

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